Friday, January 05, 2007

Just my usual brilliance (yes, I love myself)

First let me thank you, my loyal readers. See that Stamping Top 50 thing over there on the right...notice I'm at 22 now? Wow! From 322 to 22 in about a month. You all rock!

Are you ready for good news/bad news? Ready?

Good news first:

I redid my Pursue Your Art purse last night ( And I will say, it is STINKIN' cute (yes, I love myself!) I was having a mini creative block after buying all that Cuttlebug stuff; I just was having a hard time altogether getting inspired, I think because there was just too much stuff to choose from. Time to narrow the focus, which is what always helps me. If I intentionally choose a very small amount of supplies, focus on a stamp set or technique and limit myself to a certain color pallette, I can break out of my creative block and really get going.

So I decided last night that I really NEEDED to redo the purse, so that would be the perfect creative unblocker. If you recall, the last (and first) time I did the purse, it was all Halloween and Fall. Well, I've gotten a lot of compliments on that purse, but since the end of November I have had to say in reply, "I've been meaning to update it for something more in keeping with the season." I mean, people probably started wondering if I'm lost in my only little world, where it is perpetually Halloween and Thanksgiving. I *am* lost in my own little world, but the seasons change there just like everywhere else! I meant to redo it for Christmas, didn't and now, here it is, winter and nothing to show for it yet. And what with cooking and cleaning and paying bills, life somehow got in the way.

I started it around 8 PM last night after my kids were well immersed in a movie, but then had to take a break and put them all to bed. Then, my children being what they are, I had to make sure they stayed IN bed, so once they were finally all asleep and I had gotten that bowl of ice cream out of the way that insisted on being eaten, I went back down around 10:45 and finished around 1 AM. 'Cause this is my purse, you dig? I had to have it done so I could use it today! And I was bent on showing it off to you, my loyal readers, so I got up this morning and fixed one ATC that was bothering me, took pics and came to Blogger to post them only to be met with the ultimate frustration...oh...yeah, haven't told you the bad news yet!

Here it is: since Blogger was upgraded so that the beta version is now THE version, we are all having tons of problems getting photos to upload. I've been trying all morning and zip, nada, nothing. Needless to say, this is incredibly FRUSTRATING!!!! I'm ready to kick someone and since Dan is home, he is staying out of the way! This is so horrible I've been contemplating migrating my blog to Typepad...any instructions on how to move everything without having to start completely over post-wise would be appreciated...I can't take many more days of this! I'm too ornery to be patient! (Yes, as wonderful as I am, I do have my flaws!)

ANYWAY I decided to try a work around for now and I have posted the photos of my purse on Webshots, which allows me to link them to here. This isn't as cool as having the photos loaded here, since the linking photos are horribly tiny and if you want to see a bigger photo, you will have to go to Webshots, but at least you can see my pics of my fabulous project! I couldn't deprive you of that wonderful experience, could I? Of course not!

Okay, ready to look and admire? Here's the photos; click on any photo to go to Webshots for a better view, or click here to go to the whole thing as a slideshow.

Pursue Your Arts Winter Mini Version Front

Sweet on You ATCLike It a LatteBig Pieces ATC

M & M ATCLike It a Latte

ATC's on the front.

winterback0107Pursue Your Arts Winter Mini Version Back


Carte Postale ATCMagic Beans ATCPerennial Friendship ATC

ATC's on the back

Tonight I will take the ATC's from my old purse and make cards from them. Hopefully Google will have this thing fixed soon and I can post them!

Update: The move to Typepad is will take me a few days because I can't access my Blogger template right now (one of the wonderful things about the "new and improved" Blogger...grrr...) so I have to move one post at a time. I figured out how to ante-date the posts, but it's still going to be a lot of work; I may end up losing all the comments, some of which are hilarious, so I will see if I can salvage them, if only for my own amusement.

This blog will stay in place for quite a while longer and I may or may not move my other blogs...right now, the most active blog is the one I am currently going to move and The Tearing Edge may just stay put since it doesn't have any photos. Once the move is complete, I will leave this blog in place for quite a while longer with a link to the new site; don't worry, I won't delete until I am sure you all have followed me over!


Jenifer said...

Hi your blog has been in my favorite blog section for a long time.. but don't worry YOU can trasnfer the blogger to typepad. it took me a while to figure it out, but I did it... There is a direction under typepad.(I'll have to look for it if you want it) except that you will need to edit the time and the date the post was made once it's transferred. LMK if you need it

BTW cute projects!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one fine looking purse. Best part is the recycling the ATC's into cards later. I'll look for you after you move.

Anonymous said...

Very cool purse, Jan! I looked at the closeups of all your pics - thanks for sharing!

Talk to you soon!! :-)


Kevin & Amy said...

Jan, your purse is sooo cute! What a lot of work and detail, but it looks GREAT. Love the colour scheme and each ATC is unique. Thanks for sharing!

Angela (Inky Button) said...


Thanks for sharing your beautiful ATCs. WOWZA are they gorgeous!! I hope you're sending them in for the contest they have going.

Hope the transfer goes smoothly for you!


Julia said...

Jan, that purse is super cute. Does the purse hold up well? It looks great, I'd maybe like to buy one sometime. But it has to be durable? You should put up a review of it if you are so inclined! Thanks much.

Heather said...

How did you recycle? Does your purse come apart so that you can change the details? Either way, it is awesome! Thanks for sharing.