Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Here it is Christmas Eve and if it isn't done by now, it ain't gonna be! So relax and enjoy what's left of the evening. ANd if that includes a little stamping, I'm not one to object! I did a little myself today.

We've been to church (twice) and had a really interesting service this evening, I will say. A new organist who missed the doxology (I told her she wouldn't be the first one to do that!) and my children: William, as he likes to be known now, singing at the top of his lungs in the choir, so loudly that people sitting in the back pews were turning around to see where the big voice was coming from, and Laurel, who was an acolyte, up front and yawning so wide over and over that I thought her head was going to split in half and the top half was going to fall down her back. Of such things are memories made.

Of course, once she got home, she couldn't fall asleep...I've just given her and Emily some melatonin to help the drop off! Only when they are totally zonked will the presents come out of the closet downstairs and make their way under the tree. I still have a few to wrap and stockings to stuff...yawn...I think I will be able to fall asleep quite easily!

William has been bouncing around, much like Tigger, and it's a blessing to have him in bed at last. It's also a blessing to have gotten some little gifts made for the ladies in our choir and our worship team AND to have sent out my Christmas cards at last. Family and friends went out Thursday and Friday and customers, downline and a few RAK's went out yesterday. I made 42 copies of one card on Friday night. Yikes!

Now, I know you want everything! And I'm SO nice, that even though, by the time I got around to taking pictures, the sun was allllll gone, I decided I would just have to take them using my natural light bulb on my stamping desk and fiddle with them in Photoshop. They aren't as nice as pictures taken by daylight, but they will have to do.

This was my first effort. I like it, but I rejected it because there is just too much work here to make 40 some cards. Onward and guess that would be downward for you!

Here is my second effort. I liked this quite a lot, but I still wanted to simplify things a bit, I wanted stitched grosgrain ribbon and I wanted to get away from the green sky. So I went on to this:

I liked changing the card so the fold was at the top, I liked the layout and the ribbon, but I thought this was just too dark and I didn't like the cranberry. So I went on and got my final edition:

The white gel pen star was not added until I got to this edition. I stamped the trees once with Buckaroo Blue and then overstamped with Whisper White. It gives it a nice dimension. This is what I sent to most of my customers, though some of them got extras of some other cards I made earlier. My friends and family got cards I had already made; either retired samples from previous years or extras from classes or swaps.

Today the kids and I went to buy a few more presents and after we came back I got busy making gifts. I had made a candle at my local stamp and scrap store and had stopped and bought similar candles at the Dollar Tree. So this afternoon I made five of these to give to ladies in our choir and on our worship team:

I don't usually give out gifts at church, but the ladies who have stepped forward to be worship leaders and to give me the chance to get off the altar for a change and back on the organ and in the choir deserved something. And the ladies in the choir, of which I am now the defacto leader, deserved something too. I hoped they like them. Just small enough to make them feel like they aren't obligated to give me anything in return, but nice enough to feel like they got something worthwhile and from the heart, I hope.

And since I whipped these out so fast (dang, I'm GOOOD!) I had enough time to whip up some gift bags and tags too:

It was good to get some more use out of those Holiday Mini sets, including Quick Cards, which I decided I will keep because it made making these tags sooo easy. The back of the tag is done in Old Olive and the front in Real Red, then you just cut it out and fold it. Super easy. A quick wheeling on a white lunch sack and I had a great gift package.

Well, my husband tells me that I don't need to make a big dinner tomorrow, so I think, after we get the present opening out of the way, that I'll clean up my stamp room and start cards for Thursday's class, as well as trying to actually use all those Winter mini sets and Sellabration sets I bought, but haven't even had a chance to play with yet! But before I go tonight, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


Soozie4Him said...

Merry Christmas, Jan! I loved the pic of your kids, and reading all about your day. God bless you, and have a great 2007!


Vera said...

Loved seeing the development of the Christmas card I received from you, Janine! Thanks so much, and Happy New Year to you and your lovely family! Vera