Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah, I'm so nice

So many of you wanted a look at the back of Pierre (as I have christened the chef from Voila!) And I'm so nice (yes, I love myself) that I took the time away from cleaning (are you feelin' the LOVE?) to take some pictures. It helped that it stopped raining so I actually had enough light coming in my windows to take pictures by!

Anyway, I hope this clears up the mystery:

Here's the back and here are two close-ups of the laminate tags...when you Xyron something with the double laminate cartridge, your image (cut out beforehand) is in the middle of all this clear laminate. Rather than trimming it all away, I left some as a tab at the top and the bottom.

Bottom tab.

Top tab.

Now, you're probably wondering what other go-jus project I will show you today. Well, I ain't got none. I mean...ahem...(for those of you in the grammar police) I haven't got any. I haven't been stamping...I have a pile of swaps downstairs to finish and a major case of swapitis, which I am planning on curing today. Stay tuned.


Dawn G said...

Kiss Kiss to you Stampin Queen :-) Yes this is perfect and just what I needed to see and my mind is rest assured now since my back looks like yours.. Hee! Hee! Thank you so Much for posting the photo girlie . You Rock!!

Lisa said...

Wow... swapitis.... YOU? I just never think of you Uber-Creative ones having stamper's block! So sorry.... Hope you work out of it soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are an incredibly talented woman! I have CASEd your ideas before (with due credit given) and will most likely CASE this as well. I'm a true "Devotee" of all things Jan, as well as being a follower of the "Great One, Shelli Gardner (may she live forever). Thank you for sharing your ideas!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it! I have the chef and I have been looking for different projects to use it for. Where do you get the clip? My daughter-in-law loves cooking and I just got her the recipe stamp set for Christmas. :o) Thanks for sharing your project.

pjbstamper (aka Pam) said...

You're so nice. I love you.

I can't even remember who's blog led me to yours but I'm glad I got here.

Julesiana said...

This is just too stinkin' cute (and darn clever, too)!!

Janine, you just rock!!