Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I've been neglecting you!

I know, I know...you guys always want more and more and I have neglected to post anything for a while...so let's wind up the excuse train and get it out of the way!!!

1) I have a cold and it sucks.

2) Thanksgiving...4 hours of cooking, 20 minutes of eating, 1 hour of clean up. 'Nuff said.

3) Shopping on Black Friday at 5:30 AM...a real recipe for a day full of energy...NOT!

4) I've been scrapbooking. Believe me, that has been neglected enough and had to be done.

5) The dog ate my stamps? Wait...no dog and if one ate my stamps, it'd be finding a new home right quick!

6) I had a class last night. Which is actually good news, since I *had* to make new cards for it; I had one Snowflake Spot one posted in an earlier post (Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery, Almost Amethyst), but I needed three new ones that all had some sort of glitter on them.

Glitter is like crack for stampers, I swear. I can go for a couple of months without filling up a class, but tell some of my students that we are using glitter on every card and they are there to get their fix! I feel like a Glitter Pusher some days (Rubber Pimp on other days!)

So here they are...

This one uses Holographic Highlight EP for it's "bling"!

This one uses Irridescent Ice EP; the technique is Faux Diamond Dust. Stamp, coat the cardstock with Versamark and emboss the whole thing with II. It's go-jus! And the greeting is stamped with black, then the stamp is cleaned and stamped agains with Versamark and embossed with II.

This is plain ole' Dazzling Dimonds and 2-Way Glue.

Now for my other experiments. These were not taught at class because I came up with ones that glittered more.

This one has not glitter at all, just wanted to do a bright cheery card. I get so stuck on blue for Christmas cards. I have to tell myself, "Janine (yes, I talk aloud to myself sometimes...now that I have no baby in my shopping cart, I get funny looks...the baby was for camoflauge 'cause people assumed I was talking to the baby when I was really just talking to myself...after all, what baby really is interested in whether you should buy Downey fabric softener or the store brand? But I digress....where was I...oh, yes) Janine, not every set needs to be made into a blue card. Yes it would look just fab in blue, but for pete's sake, not everyone likes blue as much as you! Get over yourself!!!"

Now this has no glitter on it at all, but I've had this idea for just forever and I *had* to do it!!!!

This had a bit of shine but no glitter.

And this was just not shiny enough either.

So there, I have placated my public, now can go do laundry.


Arlynn said...

So Janine, I must admit to being one of your "junkies". I totally enjoy your dry wit and your cards are beautiful too! I'm totally loving your stitched tree card. It's so simple and well, perfect! Thanks for sharing with us! Arlynn

P.S. Go with the store brand fabric softener! More money for glitter!

Anonymous said...

What??? You weren't at the stores on Black Friday at 5 am??? How lazy is that? I was done shopping and back in bed at 8 am! LOL
Love the cards - great ideas!

- April C

Tracie said...

Being a newish mom (my daughter is 2 and 1/2), I know all about using her as camouflage for talking to myself - I did know that anyone else did!
I just discovered your blog last week and I really enjoy it.

Jeannie Sturm said...

Hi Jan,
Love your glittery, glimmery, sparklies! Hope you don't mind a case or two? I guess my email /alias/etc. says it all. I too am a glittergal. (my email is 'stampinsparkler')


executive director of sarcasm and smart remarks said...

the cards are great, but where are the templates and instructions? Since you neglected to post them here, you'll have to email them to me at lazystamper@casewithoutcredit.com. I need them today so I can submit the cards for a contest.

pjbstamper said...

ps. in case you didn't guess, that was me.

Sarebear said...

What would find a new home quick, the stamp (once it came out!) or the dog?

hee hee, I know what you meant, but it could be read either way . . . .rofl!

Anonymous said...

your'e a hoot..! Glad you are back to blogging because I really enjoy it. Love your cards and ideas!


Kendra - SCS: apigonfire said...

The Sew Seasonal one is just plain adorable. I would buy that set just to make this card, but I have others I want much more! You totally make me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

Renee said...

Janine... You crack me up, girl! I, too, love the Sew Seasonal card. It's beautiful.... *all* your cards are!
Rubber Hugs,

Stamper Gail said...

I love reading your posts. You've got to be the funniest gal around Jan. I think you should have your own column in a major newspaper just so we could read your pun every day. Nice card designs by the way.

Renee said...

Had to add:
I talk to myself all the time too. I use the baby as an excuse too. It's especially embarrassing when you leave the baby at home (with sitter) and you shop alone and you are still carrying on the conversation as if the baby was there.....

Meredith said...

Hi! I'm new to stamping and to your blog. Great info and beautiful work! I look forward to visiting often!


Lisa said...

You know, I haven't so much as even LOOKED at the Sew Seasonal set since I put away the set I got at convention this year, but seeing that adorable card you made using it, I may have to dig it out and play!! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas!

Debbie Olson said...

Jan,thanks for a huge laugh! (Crack for stampers. . . That one I will NOT forget!) Great cards--especially your Sew Seasonal quilt--TFS!