Monday, November 06, 2006

Get a Jump on Your Jingle

This past Saturday I held my very first holiday open house under the psychic compulsion of Shelli Gardner (may she live forever), which I called "Get a Jump on Your Jingle" in order to indoctrinate more people into the cult of SU! Are you a demo yet? We got a speccciiaalllll!!! You know you want it, c'mon!!! You will be assimilated, resistance is futile...

ANYWAY...I assemblied all kinds of objects with a psychic resonance which would compel those attending to order in mass quantities, all with a holiday theme. And I did have 5 people come, 4 of whom ordered, so it must have worked to a point...just not to the mass quantity point. I think there was a dampening field generated by the banks of these ladies...or maybe their husbands. However, it was lots of fun and more profitable than most of the open houses I have had, so I will make it an annual event. Assuming I'm still a demo next year, if my husband has not decided to have me deprogrammed.

I spent all of Friday evening assembling these objects, so naturally did not get around to designing a make and take for attendees until Saturday, two hours before show time! I fiddled around with a couple of ideas and finally came up with this, in my favorite color scheme:

We learned to do a card like this at our major indoctrination event of the year, CONVENTION, in the center of the known universe, Salt Lake City, where I got to again meet my cult-mistress, Shelli Gardner (may she live forever) and she *hugged me.* I'll pause to let that sink in.

Here she is with me...she is really quite a wonderfully nice person. I thought about not washing after this event, but consideration for my convention roomate made me change my mind. For another thing, Shelli actually touched my shirt, not me. I thought about not washing the shirt, putting it in a glass case for all eternity, but then I'd have to explain to people just WHY I had the shirt in the case and I don't think, for some reason, that they would GET IT.

Of course, this isn't the first time I'd met Shelli Gardner (may she live forever.) Here we are in Toronto:

And I even saw Shelli (may she live forever) just last month in Lansing...but I decided to be magnaminous and let others get their picture taken with her. And I thought she might just say, "YOU AGAIN?!?!?" Well, no I didn't...but it sounded good when I typed it the first time. My camera batteries had actually failed long before. Dang camera batteries.

ANYWAY, as you can see by the insert in the card photo above, by slightly offseting the Riveting piece (mounted on a dimensional) so that it overlaps the notch in the card front, you can tuck the cardfront behind the the Riveting piece, holding it closed. The card we did at CONVENTION, in Salt Lake City, center of the known universe, actually was done 180 degrees the other way; the tuck was at the top and the front of the card opened like a drawbridge. Very cute, but I like this better.

Before this card, I had messed around with this one:

I like it, but it was too have to line up the different pieces of cardstock (four 4 1/4" squares scored down the middle and woven together) exactly right or it will not close properly.

And while my customers were looking at the objects of psychic resonance or shopping in THE BOOK, I messed around with a new color combination and got this; a card which refuses to be fancy, no matter what I tried to do to fancy it up. Sometimes, you just gotta stamp.


Tracey said...

You are cracking me up about Shelli Gardner (may she live forever). Ha! ~:-D

Trish D said...

OK, you've *REALLY* got to post a spew alert so that I don't have to clean coffee out of my keyboard next time.

All hail Queen Shelli...

Ponygirl40 said...

As Data taught us, resistance is NOT futile!

Your new gospel is pure genius --- the Book of Shelli (may she live forever)!

Lorie said...

Jan - Thanks for the early morning laugh about you and Shelli (may she live for ever). I love your make and take...such a cute idea! Thanks for all your work and dedication!

Julesiana said...

Oh, my, goodness.....
She stamps, she knits, she writes!!
Who are you anyway--WonderWoman?!? LOL! Just please tell me that at least some parts of your house are messy...(or just lie to me :D)!!

I bet Shelli (may she live forever) would love this!

Thanks for brighting my day!!

Dawn G said...

Hi Jan : You really crack me up girlie .. I for one am in this cult also and lovin every minute of it :-) funny thing is my cousin has said this from the get go that I was in a stampin cult, how funny is that ? Jan if this helps at all... If I knew you back when I wanted to sign up I do believe I would have signed up with you.. and just so you know every time I see Tinker Bell goodies I think of you Jan Tink :-) One day I may just shower you with Tinker Bell items .. What a inspiration you are to me! Keep on blogging GF

Tammy B said...

thanks for the gafaw!

Debbie Olson said...

Jan, I love you! I have just rolled lauging over this. may YOU live forever!