Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cue the theme song from Jeopardy....

I am waiting. Waiting for that big brown truck to show up with my goodies from SU! Waiting for my preorder from the Winter Mini catalog, filled with beautiful tools for making objects of psychic resonance.

It's soooo hard to wait! And in the meantime, there are bills to pay and a filthy bathroom to clean...hmmm...or I could go to Radio Shack to get those alligator clips.

"Jan," you say, "What do you need alligator clips for????"

Heh heh...that's for me to know and you to find out. Just know that GENIUS BURNS (and no, there are no funny weeds burning) yet again (yes, I love myself.) You'll see why in just a day or two.

So the question of the day is "Will cleaning and bill paying pass the time until the TRUCK gets here with my super cute UPS guy bearing in his arm the BOX with tools for making objects of psychic resonance faster than stamping?" Hmmm....

How wonderful it must be to be Shelli Gardner (may she live forever) and not have to wait for your stamps! She gets 'em when she wants them, as soon as she wants them. But then she misses the site of a cute UPS man in shorts on a hot day...too bad today won't be hot...ah well...

Can you tell I am deranged already? C'mon UPS...I'm getting deranged waiting for these stamps!!!

Update: 11:07 AM

Stamps are NOT on the morning (sob) I will not get them until later this afternoon. The bathroom is clean...the stress, oh the stress! Well, that plus the thought that my husband might engage a dampening shield on our bank account if he knew how much I spent on the winter mini...if the house gets too dirty, he might just start wondering how I spend my time while he's at work...that would be disastrous, I could see deprogramming looming in my future....

And it doesn't hurt that the mother-in-law made vague noises about coming over this weekend, so have to start somewhere, right?

In the meantime, I am waiting!!!!

Update: 1:55 PM

Stamps are NOT here yet...bills are paid and I am feeling slightly sick after seeing the balances on some of the credit cards...ack! Arranged for a consolidation loan at the bank, now just have to get spousal unit to call and give his okay to the loan and I can pay them off all in one go. I think we can whack the loan down pretty quickly, but I like the interest rate on the loan a lot better than the ones on the cards. I hasten to add that my SU! stuff is paid for out of my business account, but it certainly gives one pause as far as other scrapbooking things one might buy in the future...sigh...

UPS, where are you???

Update: 2:30 PM


but I can't even open the box because I have to leave to go to the meat market (for some stupid reason, my family still expects to eat on a day when I get new stamps!!!!) then go pick up my children.

Once I get home, THEN I can get those stamps and accessories out and start playing...yay!


Lorie said...

I'm with you! Waiting for the sound of that brown truck is maddening!

Nancy said...

I LOVE your sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

Is this THE mother-in-law???? You poor thing!!! - April C

Pam said...

Oh Jan you so crack me up! I am totally there with you. My order from Mr. Brown should be here today as well with Winter Mini yummies. Does he not realize that we have a serious addiction and need our fix!!! Cleaning, cooking and other meaningless activities just do not fulfill the need...the need to stamp!
Have a great day and know that someone in Colorado is feeling your pain.

Trish D said...

At least your know your box will be arriving soon. I ordered on the 1, and it won't be here until next Tuesday, 11/13.

Sorry, but not much sympathy from this fellow addict ;)

Suzanne said...

I think it's not fair you have a cute UPS guy. It's also not fair you have to wait for said UPS guy to bring you new toys with which to force me to purchase more new toys to keep up with the Tink's! LOL

Colleen said...

Jan, as always your sense of humor has me in stiches. BTW, I'm added you to my typepad list of friends.

kathy said...

Jan, enquiring minds want to is now past 3:30pm, has your cute UPS guy arrived yet???

(and my cute UPS guy sometimes wears shorts in the cold months, too!)

Enjoy your loot!


Heather said...

Definitely no sympathy from those of us who will have to wait until after Christmas before we can even think about ordering from the Winter Mini. Can't wait to see what you create, though!

Dawn said...

Jan : Your to funny .. and its even funnier cause you sound like me waiting for my UPS man . It sure does seem like mine is getting later and later these days .. ERRRR makes me sooo MAD!!!.. I am so excited to see what you all got ..I have not ordered from the new winter mini yet .. Sad I know and totally UNBELIEVEABLE HUH?. Just got to many order things going on I guess . Please let us know what you all got and cant wait to see what you Create .. YOU GO GIRL!!

Linda said...

All right Jan (may she live forever)'s been a couple of days now and we KNOW that you have new goodies. Now we're the ones impatiently waiting for you to post new goodies on your blog.

See what happens when you start to get a fan readership?

Pouting in Colorado!


Anonymous said...

Jan, don't you know that "getting new stamp stuff day" = "fend for yourself night"? Whenever my UPS man brings me bright shiny new Stampin' UP boxes, my family knows that it's a fend for yourself night as far as dinner goes. That's just the way it is. ;) Now I know your kids are fairly young, but I'm sure they can handle making PB&J sammiches, right?
Enjoy your new toys!
Nicole K
(SCS nkowalk)