Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shake, Rattle and Roll Class

Here's what we did last night at my class and will do again next Monday. I've been promising to do a class on shaker cards for a while, and so I added spinner cards as well!

This is a suspension card. The tag image is suspended on a thread in the opening in the front of the card and twisted tightly before putting it into the envelope. Then when the recipient opens the card it spins around. On the other side is the tree tag stamp from the same set: Festive Favorites. I used dental floss for my thread. The punch trick comes in handy for this card.

This is a spinner card. The image is weighted with a couple of pennies; you put the rolling piece at the top, then when the card is opened, it rolls to the bottom, spinning as it goes. I do mine a little different that most folks; I put the slot through the entire card front. That way I don't have to build up a thick matt on the front of the card to allow the piece to spin freely. I punch two holes using the 1/2" circle punch, then cut the slot between the two holes.

Here is a faux shaker card. Instead of building a little box with an acetate window to put beads and other items to shake inside, you use a small cellophane bag. I put my stamped image right inside the bag so I don't have to see the seam in the back of the bag. The drawback to this is there isn't a lot of room for the contents to freely slide around in and there tends to be static in the bag which makes glitter and small punched shapes stick badly. So flat and low-static works the best. The punch trick was used to make the window; being able to precisely place each "pane" using the trick gives you a great window!

And here's a traditional shaker card. I use the sides of the stampin' dimensional sheets to build my little box; two layers. I like them because they will bend easily around a circle like this one and I don't have to buy them. When I use a sheet of dimensionals up, I throw it in a box and save it for shaker cards.

To keep the beads from sticking to the foam, I put a 1/8" strip of paper around the inside.


Arlynn said...

Jan, I want to come to your class! Are you very far from Central California? Hah! Just wishing! Love your cards and your blog! Arlynn

Julia said...

Egads these are cute cards. I wish you lived near me too! Wait, I don't even know what state you live in! It isn't MN is it? ;D