Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay Dawn, I'm posting...are you happy?

I got yelled at by one of my readers on Saturday...Dawn Griffiths gave me what for because apparently don't post often enough for her. Whatever.

JK, Dawn, JK!!!! Dawn knows I love her...she knows that I'll throw a boa for her ANYTIME for's just one of the services I offer. ;)

Okay...enough of the cryptic jokes. Actually, I do have some new stuff to show you. Nothin' I *bought*, okay...I was "good", if that's what you want to call it. I
haven't been in Scrappin' and Stampin' in a couple of weeks, mostly because I was photocopying the bulletin when they weren't open or I just didn't have time to stop.

I haven't been posting much because I was at the bottom of a dark pit, creatively speaking. I just didn't feel like stamping and I really did have to stamp. I just kept avoiding it.

But since last week I had a) a card club on I attend and usually provide a make-and-take for on Thursday, b) a Christmas swap I joined, and c) SU!'s Lansing regional seminar on Saturday with a SCS dinner afterwards that I needed swaps for, I fiddled with stuff kind of half-heartedly and didn't actually get going on anything good until Thursday morning. I remembered, finally, that at the last card club we each made a card with a common element provided by the hostess and I had made a big buckle card. They all loved that and wanted to make one themselves. So I made this buckle card and they very much enjoyed making it. I kinda went nuts with the punches, though...there are 7 of them used on this card...SEVEN. I love my punches.

Before that I had fiddled around for the swap I'm in and came up with this...but I'm thinking way too labor intensive to make 30 of these...I may reconsider:

My upline and stamping buddy, Sharon, was over when I was working on this and she kept laughing because I redid the snowman part 3 or 4 times until I was satisfied. Can you say ANAL? I know I can!

I also made this with the idea that it would be a swap for the regionals, but then I loaned this set to Mary, who swore she'd get it back to me in time and by Friday was still having too much fun with the set and wasn't finished with what she wanted to do. And by then I had other ideas, so I told her she could keep it for a while longer. I think this will be one of my class cards this month.

But there's more!

Finally, I decided to make a card similar to my fall donut card which you can find further down in the posts. I changed the colors to the ones from last year's Holiday Mini. I was going to use this for my SCS dinner swap and then I came up with something better and more original, so I switched this to be one of my swaps for the regional:

And finally, the piece de resistance, my SCS dinner swap. I had preordered Big Deal Alphabet and when I got it I wasn't really sure that I liked it. But since then, I have to say it is the alphabet I have been turning to more than any other in my collection. Not only for scrapbooking, but for cards. With this card, I wanted to play some more with the donut idea, but I wanted a standard sized card. I decided to punch a hole through the "O" in Joy and use the hostess set, Riveting, to be the inside the hole piece. I did this card at first without the Glorious green strip under the ribbon, then I decided it needed something and added it.

It's a fun card and fairly simple...and here's the inside:

Regionals was great, as usual. Linda Hamilton did the Faux Mother of Pearl technique onstage and I talked to her afterwards. She is a super sweet person and a riot on stage; she always gets me laughing! I told her that I had invented the FMOP technique and what a thrill it was to see it in Stampin' Success and then being taught at regionals. I don't blame SU!, by the way, for not knowing that; things get disseminated on the internet with no names attached all the time.

Now, I'm not totally done with donut ideas AND I have to create a swap card and have 30 of them in the mail by Wednesday, so I'm off to stamp!


Jessica Canham (jessrose21) said...

Oh wow, I'm glad I checked in on your blog again today. Such a feast for the eyes! I love the card with all the punches (yes, I counted all seven) and the donut cards are too cute. I think it must have been your "fault" that I had to have the flannel. LOL! :D

Caroline said...

i'm glad you started posting again! great cards.

Dawn G said...

Jan " Boa Throwing babe " We are sooo not worthy !!! WOWZIE girlie I really hit the mother load today YAHOO! seriously Your blog post made up for the posting delay .. I love all your creations .. Just beautiful :-) I love the Regional swap I got from you ..How do you mail the 4x4 donut Happy holidays card .. I didnt see any envelopes that would fit , any ideas ..? I also gotta get the plaid BG now ( just cause of your awesome swap ) .. Thanks for the post and Cant wait until tommorrows post Hint Hint :-)
Happy posting ...:-)

Dawn Griffith

Kendra: SCS-apigonfire said...

Now go update "The Tearing Edge"! Thanks for sharing your awesome creations with us!