Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Shake, Rattle and Roll Class

Here's what we did last night at my class and will do again next Monday. I've been promising to do a class on shaker cards for a while, and so I added spinner cards as well!

This is a suspension card. The tag image is suspended on a thread in the opening in the front of the card and twisted tightly before putting it into the envelope. Then when the recipient opens the card it spins around. On the other side is the tree tag stamp from the same set: Festive Favorites. I used dental floss for my thread. The punch trick comes in handy for this card.

This is a spinner card. The image is weighted with a couple of pennies; you put the rolling piece at the top, then when the card is opened, it rolls to the bottom, spinning as it goes. I do mine a little different that most folks; I put the slot through the entire card front. That way I don't have to build up a thick matt on the front of the card to allow the piece to spin freely. I punch two holes using the 1/2" circle punch, then cut the slot between the two holes.

Here is a faux shaker card. Instead of building a little box with an acetate window to put beads and other items to shake inside, you use a small cellophane bag. I put my stamped image right inside the bag so I don't have to see the seam in the back of the bag. The drawback to this is there isn't a lot of room for the contents to freely slide around in and there tends to be static in the bag which makes glitter and small punched shapes stick badly. So flat and low-static works the best. The punch trick was used to make the window; being able to precisely place each "pane" using the trick gives you a great window!

And here's a traditional shaker card. I use the sides of the stampin' dimensional sheets to build my little box; two layers. I like them because they will bend easily around a circle like this one and I don't have to buy them. When I use a sheet of dimensionals up, I throw it in a box and save it for shaker cards.

To keep the beads from sticking to the foam, I put a 1/8" strip of paper around the inside.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A few cards and more punch tricks....

I think I'm getting punchy....

I really love to find new uses for punches. And I've come up with a lot of them and found more of them when looking around at other people's work. Here's a few old and new ones:

I'm trying to alter the way I post pictures since some of you have had problems with the way the text gets broken up by the pictures...this better?

Yeah, I'm addicted to donut cards. What can I say...I love, love, love them. With this card, I used my punch trick on the focal image, the mat and the cardbase. And I love Flannel Plaid...I can't stop using it!!!! I had this card in my mind's eye and it turned out almost exactly as I had planned.

Trick #1: For those of you who don't have the slit punch, you can fake it...look where the ribbon is tied. Instead of using the slit punch on the mat, I cut a little circular notch with the 1/2" circle punch. Looks almost the same? It has a lot less bulk and you don't have to worry about getting the slit in the right place on your mat.

I was trying to come up with a swap for the three people at our group meeting that already got the Joy donut card from the Splitcoast dinner at the Lansing Regionals...I made this and this was not it, but I like it.

Here is my second attempt for those three ladies. The color combo is from the new In Color color combination sheet that SU! put up for us on the demo site...I've been using that almost all the time lately. And the sad thing is I ran out of time to make more of these, so I ended up grabbing the extra Snowflake Spot Versamark resist cards I had made at my last class...don't think they were too dissappointed, though this card in my sample box got lots of attention!

Trick #2: This isn't original to me, as I have seen it done many times, but your Spring Bouquet punch makes a very nice wreath when punched in green and layered around in a circle, doesn't it?

Trick #3: I came up with this; haven't seen anybody else do it, so I claim it! I used the slit punch to make the holes for my ribbon. As a result, as you can see, is an almost invisible way of putting ribbon on your card. It adds practically no bulk when used with organdy ribbons and if you tie the bow wide enough you can't even tell where the ribbon is coming from.

Well, I have a class on Monday and have made NO cards as of yet...so I better get busy!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Okay, I just couldn't wait to show this off...I haven't quite finished with it, this is just the outside, but I need to make the dividers and stamp some recipe cards as well. This will be a class I'll be holding in November. This is the mini lunch tin that Provocraft makes and the Voila stamp set with the Sarah Designer papers that Stampin' Up! makes. I'll take some more photos once I finish the whole thing and post them.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

JanTink's Fabulous Punch Trick Tutorial

I felt kind of like I had to put some sort of tutorial up here, since so far all you have seen is me showing off my work (which I love to do!) and what I buy. Since I have a number of techniques and tricks I have developed, I figured the least I could do was try to show some of them to you, my loyal readers.

But first let me answer a question from Dawn, who asks how to mail a 4" x 4" or 4.25" x 4.25" card: just put it in a regular envelope. We don't make square envelopes in that size and even if we did, you can't mail them...according to the USPS, letters have to be at least 5" in length and 3.5" high. The card will rattle around a bit, but oh well...it will ge there!

So my tutorial is about my little trick using sticky notes (notice my careful skirting around a copyrighted name) to place your punch for 100% accuracy. This is important when you are creating window cards; obviously, if you are punching out something and using the punched piece, it does not matter so much. But if you are interested in the hole the punch makes rather than the positive shape, you want to be as accurate as you can.

In addition, Stampin' Up! tells us not to punch through two layers of cardstock; otherwise we put our punches in danger of breaking. But if you want more than one layer on your cardfront, and the hole needs to go through both, you need to be VERY accurate in placing your punch on both layers so that they line up.

So what you see here is my card, the layer I'm going to put on the front, the Tag Punch and some sticky notes.

Step 1) Punch out a piece of sticky note, making sure to get part of the sticky portion of the note within the punched shape. If you find that your punch does not work well on such thin paper, stick the note to another piece of paper and punch through both of them.

Here is the punched out sticky note.

Step 2) Place the punched sticky note shape on the topmost layer of your card, right where you want the window to be.

Step 3) Turn over your punch and slide it over the cardstock, lining up the punched shape within the window on the bottom. Punch.

Here is the hole I made, just where I want it! But wait...there's more!

Step 4) Place the layer on your card where you want it to be. You can use some temporary adhesive to keep it from moving.

Step 5) Put the punched out sticky note on the card through the hole in the first layer and lining up with it.

Step 6) Pull off the top layer, leaving the sticky note in place on the card.

Step 7) Again, turn the punch over, center over the sticky note shape and punch.

Here is the window in the card.

Layering the top layer over the bottom, the windows will line up exactly right!

And here's my card:

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I developed this trick the first year I was a demonstrator and have submitted it to Stampin' Up! long ago, but I have yet to see it make Stampin' Success!

Here's another card I made this week. I joined a Christmas card swap run by Vicky Maduzia for "practical" Christmas cards....yes, I, the queen of OVERDONE! I managed to tamp my desire for more elaborateness down and made this:

Yes, I know it doesn't look simple, but it really is. Only one color of cardstock, only two colors of ink. I was able to whip out 25 of these in just a few hours...considering I was going down to the wire on mailing them in by the deadline, it was a good thing!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay Dawn, I'm posting...are you happy?

I got yelled at by one of my readers on Saturday...Dawn Griffiths gave me what for because apparently don't post often enough for her. Whatever.

JK, Dawn, JK!!!! Dawn knows I love her...she knows that I'll throw a boa for her ANYTIME for free...it's just one of the services I offer. ;)

Okay...enough of the cryptic jokes. Actually, I do have some new stuff to show you. Nothin' I *bought*, okay...I was "good", if that's what you want to call it. I
haven't been in Scrappin' and Stampin' in a couple of weeks, mostly because I was photocopying the bulletin when they weren't open or I just didn't have time to stop.

I haven't been posting much because I was at the bottom of a dark pit, creatively speaking. I just didn't feel like stamping and I really did have to stamp. I just kept avoiding it.

But since last week I had a) a card club on I attend and usually provide a make-and-take for on Thursday, b) a Christmas swap I joined, and c) SU!'s Lansing regional seminar on Saturday with a SCS dinner afterwards that I needed swaps for, I fiddled with stuff kind of half-heartedly and didn't actually get going on anything good until Thursday morning. I remembered, finally, that at the last card club we each made a card with a common element provided by the hostess and I had made a big buckle card. They all loved that and wanted to make one themselves. So I made this buckle card and they very much enjoyed making it. I kinda went nuts with the punches, though...there are 7 of them used on this card...SEVEN. I love my punches.

Before that I had fiddled around for the swap I'm in and came up with this...but I'm thinking way too labor intensive to make 30 of these...I may reconsider:

My upline and stamping buddy, Sharon, was over when I was working on this and she kept laughing because I redid the snowman part 3 or 4 times until I was satisfied. Can you say ANAL? I know I can!

I also made this with the idea that it would be a swap for the regionals, but then I loaned this set to Mary, who swore she'd get it back to me in time and by Friday was still having too much fun with the set and wasn't finished with what she wanted to do. And by then I had other ideas, so I told her she could keep it for a while longer. I think this will be one of my class cards this month.

But there's more!

Finally, I decided to make a card similar to my fall donut card which you can find further down in the posts. I changed the colors to the ones from last year's Holiday Mini. I was going to use this for my SCS dinner swap and then I came up with something better and more original, so I switched this to be one of my swaps for the regional:

And finally, the piece de resistance, my SCS dinner swap. I had preordered Big Deal Alphabet and when I got it I wasn't really sure that I liked it. But since then, I have to say it is the alphabet I have been turning to more than any other in my collection. Not only for scrapbooking, but for cards. With this card, I wanted to play some more with the donut idea, but I wanted a standard sized card. I decided to punch a hole through the "O" in Joy and use the hostess set, Riveting, to be the inside the hole piece. I did this card at first without the Glorious green strip under the ribbon, then I decided it needed something and added it.

It's a fun card and fairly simple...and here's the inside:

Regionals was great, as usual. Linda Hamilton did the Faux Mother of Pearl technique onstage and I talked to her afterwards. She is a super sweet person and a riot on stage; she always gets me laughing! I told her that I had invented the FMOP technique and what a thrill it was to see it in Stampin' Success and then being taught at regionals. I don't blame SU!, by the way, for not knowing that; things get disseminated on the internet with no names attached all the time.

Now, I'm not totally done with donut ideas AND I have to create a swap card and have 30 of them in the mail by Wednesday, so I'm off to stamp!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More paper!

Okay, I know you all are just totally fascinated by what I buy...hee hee....

So here are the latest acquisitions on the paper front. I went to my local stamp store, Scrappin' and Stampin' in Livonia because...well, because I always go in there when I go photocopy the church bulletin at FedEx/Kinko's two doors down. And I always photocopy the bulletin there so I can visit the scrapbook store. Hey, works for me!

And they had a special going, buy $50 get a $15 gift certificate. I highly doubted I would find $50 I could spend...I figured even if they had some new paper I had to have, I could hardly rack up $50 in paper. I don't buy stamps other than SU! anymore, and I'm immune to most gadgets. But...


The punch was really pricey, but I rationalized it by the fact that I was getting a $15 gift certificate, so it was really like I was getting it, well, MOST of it, FREE!!! (I'm good at rationalizing it, aren't I?) I like the storage boxes, because a 12 x 12 scrapbook will fit inside, NOT just the 12 x 12 paper. I have some scrapbooks that I have in a stack and this will take the pressure off the pages if I put one or two in each box. Plus I can keep scrapbooks in progress with page packs that are set up for scrapbooking and when I want to work on one of my kids books, it will all be in the boxes.

The paper is BoBunny, which I really like. It's always a nice combination of whatever is trendy, but has colors that work well for little kids and big kid pages.

This week I'm going to start some swaps for the Lansing Regional Seminar, plus a Christmas swap I just joined. Oh, and swaps for the Splitcoast dinner after the seminar, which will also have a Christmas theme...it's beginning to look a lot like October, when crafters everywhere turn their thoughts to December...when you work in this industry, you start feeling disconnected from real life because you live about 2 months in advance of everyone else!