Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fun New Project

I'm not a big purse person...I mean, I have to carry one like anyone else. I don't get how men can get away without one, but I guess they just have more pockets than we do.

I have a definite preference in purses. I prefer black leather. It can't be too big or too small. I want a shoulder strap, not a handle (though handles AND a shoulder strap are an ideal combination.) I want a pocket on the outside for my cell phone. I would rather have a zip down compartment on the side for my money and credit cards than have to put a wallet inside it. And I hate anything that looks too loud or messy. I like quiet and unobtrusive, clean lines, nothing fussy and nothing too modern or plastic looking.

However, I'm willing to compromise to a certain extent. So I found myself intrigued by all the Z Becky Brown purses I saw on people's websites and Splitcoaststampers. They are really cute made up...but I had some objections to them:

Hard plastic
No shoulder strap

I thought about it again after seeing Michelle Laycock's ZBB at convention, I really, really considered doing one after all. It was just spectacular!

But something's happened to the supply of Z Becky Brown purses. They seem to be disappearing; even the Z Becky Brown online store is unavailable these days. And they are kinda pricey. I'm looking at them on Ebay and going "hmmmmm...." But it would have to be a fabulous price.

Then I found PURSuE Your Art through a post on Splitcoast, followed the link and immediately ordered a purse. I liked that it had a shoulder strap and was not hard plastic. I only had it for a week before I finally got down to business. And this is the results:

After I got it, the decision was should I make it more of an art piece (and possibly intimidate the heck out of people who saw it) or should I make it more of a sampler piece that would get people intrigued with stamping? So I noodled around and decided on the latter. I wanted more of a showcase of fall ideas using Stampin' Up! stamps. I'll change it once we get closer to Christmas and then I'll have a Christmas purse for a while. The inserts are made of museum board...a very heavy chipboard. You can buy extras, but what I ended up doing was using Dotto so I could peel the paper off and reuse the least until they get old and bent.

The little cards are Artist Trading Cards or ATC's. This is a trend that some stampers really like; they are easily transportable, take less cardstock than a cardfront, and are fun to trade to get new ideas. I'm not really hooked on them...yet, but it was fun to make the ones for the purse. After I'm done with these, I can put them on a card front with a few embelishments and have a real card. These cards slide into little pockets attached to the inside flap and the inside of the back, so the tops of the cards aren't getting friction like another bag I have that is made for photos.

This is not the most practicle purse, I have to say. I was able to get the essentials (Stampin' Up! Convention wallet, Palm, cell phone, business card case & pens) inside without making it bulge.

I used some of the new Four Seasons double sided designer paper for the inserts and I like it a lot. Just be sure you plan carefully how you are going to cut BEFORE you do it...I ended up having to make the front and back different (which I ended up liking a lot) because it didn't work out quite right to have them the same. I even ended up patching one piece when it was short (but I'll never tell which one! ;-) )

Now, I need to get downstairs and do some more stamping...I'm still working on samples for the Holiday Mini and hey, Mary, I *need* to get Best Fiends and Just Between Fiends back!

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