Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Watercolor FX, among other things

I live a pretty sad life, let me tell you...my most thrilling moment today (besides getting the kids all off to school...let's pause for a moment and savor that...they are gone...it's quiet here and cleaner...ahhhhh...I have to enjoy it because in 30 minutes I have to go pick them up...okay, turn "savor mode" off!), oh yes, my most thrilling moment was buying a new mop.

I went to Target and just for grins, went down the mop aisle. You have to understand that a) my kitchen floor is out to kill me, b) my husband is aiding and abetting the floor by saying we should wait until the kids are gone before we replace it since they will trash it anyway, c) my kitchen floor is very old and very hard to clean, d) I've tried nearly every kind of mop in existance in the war between the floor and me, and e) the floor has been winning. Mostly because I don't want to get on my hands and knees...I want the dream. The dream they sell us on television of the nicely dressed woman who waves the magic cleaning solution bottle over the floor, picks up the magic mop and little sparkles float through the air, following the mops as it effortlessly removes every bit of dirt on the floor. The chick behind the handle of the mop never breaks a sweat.

I gave up on romance novels long ago, by the way. I don't believe that someday my prince will come...I believe I have to find the prince in the husband I have. And realize that usually the prince I longed for as a girl was really a jerk with a crown to prove it. But I refuse to let the dream of the magic mop and cleaner die. I won't let it.

Before I went to Target, I'd pulled out one of my failed weapons, the Swiffer Wet, and had removed the top layer of filth from the floor. My house has been steadily becoming dirtier and dirtier as 4 extra people lived here 24/7 for 3 months. I have cleaned, but it has been a losing battle and the floor has been exulting in victory after victory.

So I'm in the mop aisle and I see it. It's the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop!!!

And I am thrilled. Because I love Magic Erasers...I honestly think that the person who invented them should be crowned king or queen tomorrow and rule the world. Magic Erasers have cleaned things that I could not clean any other way...they are wonderful! And here that person had put one of these beautiful things on a mop...just for me! I went to the register with it and said, "What kind of sad and pathetic life I must lead that I am excited about going home and trying my new mop!" And the cashier said, "Oh, I *love* Magic Erasers! I'd be excited too!"

There are the obligatory pictures on the back of the packaging showing the new mop cutting a swath through the filth on your floor. I wasn't really expecting that to happen...but ya know, it really did! I got home, ate lunch, unpacked the mop and wham bam, I was at that floor. The part that is the hardest to clean is under the dining table where the finish has been worn away from chairs scraping across it. Dirt gets into all the little scratches and will not move without major effort and I dunno about you, but major effort is something I'd rather save for other, more interesting pursuits.

The Magic Eraser Mop cleaned all the dirt off of that part of the floor...wow. I am sold. The worst thing about it is that once it gets a certain amount of dirt on it, the mop just pushes it around the floor, much like the handheld variety, but I'm okay with that...I can handle it. As long aas it moves that dirt to begin with.

Well, enough about mops (for Pete's sake, this is a stamping blog!) Here are the projects we did at class last night which I had called Watercolor FX:

Watercolor pencils with blender pens:

Watercolor crayons with aquapainters:

Watercolor crayons direct to rubber:

Smackin' Acetate and markers direct to rubber, then misted
with water:

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Trish D said...

Those are lovely cards (I espcially like the slip with aquapainters - and because of SCS I know we're both slip girls :)\

...but I've gotta get me one of those mops!! Maybe two or three to thoroughly de-scuzz my kitchen floor. Wonder how they work on ceramic tile? Wonder if I really want to know just how much muck is caked up?!?